Sunday, August 7, 2011

Girl Power


Rihanna (along with Beyonce) is my girl crush! and i am slightly obsessed with her fearless style. Her style and music has evolved so much over the years from when she burst onto the scene as the innocent "pon de replay" singer to the present day were we see her release tracks such as "rude boy". She's a hair camelion and a style risk taker.  
Her latest release "man down" has a laid back reggae vibe and catchy lyrics, Rihanna looks great in the thought provoking video. The star is also the new face of Armani underwear.  

looking every inch the style icon shopping in new york.

Jessie J

Jessie J who once attended The Brit School with the likes of Adele is now famous for tracks such as "do it like a dude" and her quirky style. I watched her on the Alan Carr show the other night -last in the series :( , and she was really down to earth and funny. She was talking about her new single "look who's laughing now". The song is about bullying which Jessie had been a victim of, and i think it's great she's released a song about it because i can't stress how much i HATE bullying. Sadly it does happen and it's important to highlight subjects like bullying. Have a listen to the song and really listen to the words. i get the message that "revenge is the best success" although it would be best to stop bullying altogether.
Still looking hot with a broken foot. Jessie rocking a top knot and a pretty oriental style kimono.


You may already know that I'm a big Beyonce fan from when i blogged about her here  her style and music has also evolved she's always rocking her sky high Louboutin heels. I wasn't sure which one of newest singles to put on here as there both so different but i love them equally. "Run the world (girls)" is a real empowering song for women which is really what Beyonce is all about. Although she has never released a song quite like this it is quite similar to "single ladies" and "diva" in the way it makes you want to get up and dance! and the dancing in the video is amazing! defo worth a watch!
On the other hand "best i never had" is a ballad about once loving a man who was no good and finding someone much better that treats you like a Queen. - a good song to listen to after a bad break up.
So decided to put both videos on here... enjoy :)
Beyonce chose an LBD and her trademark statement earrings at the Billboard Music Awards.


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  2. Am in looove w/ Rihanna and Beyonce! Both great entertainers and fashion icons.;)

  3. I love Rihanna! She's so perfect! :D

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  4. I love Rihanna too! Can´t wait to see her in concert! Greetz

  5. Rihanna is so fierce I can't even take it! I wish I could pull off half the stuff she does!

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  6. I love Rihanna and also Beyonce, they're both great inspiration ! And love their voices as well as their style :)

  7. My three favourite female artists! Good choice :)

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  9. love beyonce! great post :)

  10. Absolutely LOVE Rihannas style - seriously she's just amazing + so fearless :) I love her hair too :)

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