Friday, July 22, 2011


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I love my new Zara maxi dress and think it is quite similar to this Marc Jacobs one shown above worn by two fashion forward ladies with very different styles. Fearn Cotton on celebrity juice and Michelle Obama both look great and show the different ways to rock the Marc Jacobs stripey creation. The Zara take on the dress is more of a body con version while the Marc Jacobs acquires a flowing skirt creating a lady like feel. With the colourful bright stripes both dress's scream summer! And Zara proves that if you can't afford the designer price tag you can always wear the high street version.
not very good photography again I'm afraid!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Scarecrow festival!

Today's post is a bit different from the usual fashion and beauty topics i write about i think i would put it in the lifestyle category and i have been thinking about adding a new lifestyle page to include things such as music, travel, books, and events. so keep checking back and let me know what you think when its up.
I didn't anticipate spending my Sunday afternoon walking round a little village called Overton with some friends looking at scarecrows but that's exactly what i did and i loved it! :) it took me back to being a child and reminded me of how children are impressed by the simplest things.
Every year the creative residents of Overton village enter the popular competition by creating their own life like scarecrows such as humpty dumpty and Bill and Ben the flower pot men. The impressive scarecrows fill the streets standing on pavements, perching on rooftops and peering out of shop windows.
All in all we had a random but very enjoyable day out in the cute little village of Overton. Then i came home to a roast dinner what better way to spend a Sunday?
here's some of the imaginative scarecrow creations.
I think they're great what do you think?

"there's no place like home"

This one's quite scary!
and Kate!
Dennis the Menace!
Star Wars!

"humpty dumpty sat on a wall"

Think i may of gone slightly over board with the amount of scarecrow photos i posted! I just couldn't resist its hard to pick a favourite they're all so good! hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Serious Lusting

Every girl needs a great pair of ballerina flats in their shoe collection, while I'm sure we all love to rock a pair of sexy heels that elongate your legs and add the finishing touch to a great outfit when I'm shopping or on my feet all day i know heels aren't my choice of footwear! it might be Victoria Beckham's every day choice - and she looks great! but my feet simply couldn't deal with that! But that doesn't mean just put anything on your feet. Shoes are really important you could have a great outfit on but team that with a crap pair of shoes...well no longer a great outfit don't you agree? for those days when you want to slip on some comfy but chic flats French Sole is your go to destination for all that's chic in luxury ballet flats. I need a pair!

I've been craving pretty pleating lately and this chiffon midi by rare at Topshop hits the nail on the head. I'm in love with this girlie creation i love the length, the colour, and the pleats of course! i can't wait to make my purchase and twirl round in my new pretty pleated midi! :)
If you're off on holiday this year (lucky!) The one hair product you need to pack is the new Huile Celeste by Kerastase, this little wonder product filters harmful, colour fading UVA and UVB. It also moisturises without greasiness and has a subtle shimmer.
 The creators of cult beauty product Touche Eclat have come up with another must have make up bag fixture. not only is the new Rouge Volupte sheer candy lipstick lovely to look at it comes in 6 gorgeous shades nourishes lips and gives them a subtle shine. what more could you want from a lipstick? 
Fans of Jo Malone's best selling scents will now be able to smooth the gorgeous fragrance's into their skin. If you haven't tried any of Jo Malone's products yet treat yourself to one of the new limited edition instantly absorbed dry body oils. The result - silky smooth delicious smelling skin.