Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eat yourself Pretty

"You are what you eat" is the phrase used to encourage people to eat healthy. I believe the key is "everything in moderation" and exercise. Although saying that, i can be naughty now and again and indulge in chocolate or other such yummy things, but i do try to eat healthily because i feel better for it.
Eating healthy shouldn't be hard or any more expensive, here are my favourite foods for looking and feeling healthy.

The importance of drinking water is widely known, from nutritionists reaping its many benefits. There are only positives from drinking water and here are just a few:
  • Water is a natural remedy for a headache as one of the causes of a headache is dehydration.
  • Water helps to replenish skin tissue, moisturises skin tissue and increases skin elasticity.
  • Drinking water helps you think better, be more alert and concentrated.
  • Helps to improve digestion
Brazil nuts are extremely nutrient-rich and contain zinc, protein, copper, niacin, magnesium, fibre, vitamin E and selenium. phew! that's a lot of nutrients. These nuts are perfect for snacking i always have some in the cupboard, they are healthy and tasty. Benefits of Brazil nuts include: they are good for your skin and digestion. You will find them in all good health food stores and supermarkets.

There has been alot of hype around Manuka Honey of late, with it fast becoming a super-food. The honey has earned a reputation as a "healing" honey, it can be taken daily for general good health but can also be used to treat wounds. New Zealand the country where the honey originates from have been using the honey in this way for years.Other Honeys fast becoming super-foods in their own right are: 
  • Chilean honey- a bug fighter with antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. Try ActiveH2o2ney available at Waitrose.
  • GastroMel honey - made by bees fed on a special herbal diet this aims to soothe grumpy digestive systems. Available at health food stores.
  • Melvita Lavender honey - sourced from bees that collect honey from lavender flowers, this is super calming!( )  

    Coconut water has become a fixture in celebrities hands. The beauty boosting drink is full of replenishing nutrients, has more potassium than two bananas, and is made with 100% fresh and natural young coconut water. It is also completely fat, sugar and cholesterol free. Although you can drink coconut water anytime it is said it is best to drink it after a work out. Coconut water  is available from all good health food stores such as Holland and Barrett .
    If your not too keen on drinking water Watermelon is delicious and 92% water.

    I'm also a firm believer that if you are happy on the inside it shows on the outside. Happiness makes your skin glow.
    So i will leave you with this image of my beautiful flowers that my lovely boyfriend got me, they made me very happy and so does he :)
    What makes you smile?
    I hope you are all having an amazing weekend!

    Sunday, August 21, 2011

    Got that Autumn feeling?

    As much has i hate to say it Autumn is well and truly in the air. This year is going so quickly i can't believe it's nearly September, our Summer is coming to an end although not sure you could actually use the word Summer to describe the weather we've been having here in the UK!
    With a chill in the air and the evenings getting darker earlier it could only mean one thing.... Autumn/Winter collections!
    Here are my lust haves for this season and must watch TV and movies!

    I scoured the Internet for the cotton leopard print coat by Just Cavalli i saw in the recent Glamour magazine and fell in love with it but couldn't find it any where! It's part of the new A/W11 collection. This gorgeous coat is also part of the new collection and very similar to the one in glamour.
    Here's the full collection.
      /Alexander McQueen new season velvet union jack skull clutch £960.00 Harrods- one word amazing! wouldn't this complete any LBD? well a girl can dream can't she?

    Super fierce heels named "Rihanna" after the equally fierce fashionista. Miss KG at  Kurt Geiger  £80.00 - affordable too!  

    Love these Chakra bracelets by Daisy jewellery  £86  "the role of the Chakras is to aid mental and physical alignment" their loved by celebs such as Sienna and even if you're not spiritual they look pretty!

    The new ring upon ring concept by Pandora allows you to add you're own individual touch by picking which elegant style you want stack upon the next.

    J'adore Chanel so I'm eager to purchase the new fragrance and give it pride of place on my dressing table. No19 is an eternal reference to the Birthday of Gabrielle Chanel: 19th August 1883 and consists of crisp green notes and powdery iris. Find all latest Chanel news here 

    I'm also excited for the eagerly anticipated new series of the X factor. The first episode aired on Saturday, which gave a few laughs and i look forward to seeing Tulisa and Kelly's outfits. I was loving Tulisa'a jumpsuit!
    Another series that signals the end of summer is celeb BB which i also get addicted too, so I'm sure i will be watching.


    The inbetweeners! Fans of the popular TV series will know this is a must-see! I'm going to see this Wednesday so will let you all know how it is if you haven't seen it already!

    You can't beat a good love story and this is based on the bestselling book - which i haven't read but i have to now because i really want to see this movie.

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    My Happy Monday

    Happy Monday all! not quite sure the phrase "Happy Monday" is used it's more "Happy Friday" but why not start the week with a positive attitude?
    Lately i have begun going to Yoga classes and i LOVE it! I'm a regular at Pilate's so i thought i would give Yoga a go too. Everyone knows exercise and a healthy diet is essential to feeling and looking your best and i have found that i feel great after a session of Yoga. I do sometimes feel stressed which I'm sure everyone does occasionally especially if you lead a busy life, so I'm happy i have discovered that Yoga is the ultimate de-stresser.
    Today i started my Monday with a walk up to my yoga class and left feeling refreshed, relaxed, positive, and ready to face the week ahead. I really couldn't give it enough praise, Yoga focuses on the mind and body and aims to improve flexibility, tone, and posture. The class has a lot of emphasis on correct breathing therefore leading to relaxation and a sense of well being.

    After typing "yoga" into google images i came across this photo and it made me smile :) how cute! i thought i would share it with you too.

    After i got back from my class i started searching for a bag that i have been wondering where it could be for ages..don't you hate that?! I was feeling calm but unfortunately the more i looked and couldn't find it i begun feeling a growing sense of frustration so i decided to stop my search and commence washing up which nobody loves but these things just have to be done. Feeling slightly frustrated i put my pink washing up gloves on , turned Heart FM on and started washing....then the next thing i know I'm singing and swaying to a song i don't even know who the artist is, it really lifted my mood and made me forget all about that bag! I later found out it was by Take That who I'm not really fan of but I'm now i fan of this song it's a real happy song. have a listen i guarantee it will have you singing along.

    Music is so powerful it can change your mood in an instant.

    I didn't do much else interesting today, apart from paint my nails which isn't that interesting really but thought it would be bad of me not to tell you about my latest nail care find. I'm on the quest for beautiful strong nails, meaning ones that don't chip and break which is what mine were doing until i painted them with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. I painted them with the formula last week and saw a definite improvement they haven't chipped and are longer and stronger. I plan to do a post on the results at the end of this week. so watch this space.

    I hope you all had a very Happy Monday!

    Sunday, August 7, 2011

    Girl Power


    Rihanna (along with Beyonce) is my girl crush! and i am slightly obsessed with her fearless style. Her style and music has evolved so much over the years from when she burst onto the scene as the innocent "pon de replay" singer to the present day were we see her release tracks such as "rude boy". She's a hair camelion and a style risk taker.  
    Her latest release "man down" has a laid back reggae vibe and catchy lyrics, Rihanna looks great in the thought provoking video. The star is also the new face of Armani underwear.  

    looking every inch the style icon shopping in new york.

    Jessie J

    Jessie J who once attended The Brit School with the likes of Adele is now famous for tracks such as "do it like a dude" and her quirky style. I watched her on the Alan Carr show the other night -last in the series :( , and she was really down to earth and funny. She was talking about her new single "look who's laughing now". The song is about bullying which Jessie had been a victim of, and i think it's great she's released a song about it because i can't stress how much i HATE bullying. Sadly it does happen and it's important to highlight subjects like bullying. Have a listen to the song and really listen to the words. i get the message that "revenge is the best success" although it would be best to stop bullying altogether.
    Still looking hot with a broken foot. Jessie rocking a top knot and a pretty oriental style kimono.


    You may already know that I'm a big Beyonce fan from when i blogged about her here  her style and music has also evolved she's always rocking her sky high Louboutin heels. I wasn't sure which one of newest singles to put on here as there both so different but i love them equally. "Run the world (girls)" is a real empowering song for women which is really what Beyonce is all about. Although she has never released a song quite like this it is quite similar to "single ladies" and "diva" in the way it makes you want to get up and dance! and the dancing in the video is amazing! defo worth a watch!
    On the other hand "best i never had" is a ballad about once loving a man who was no good and finding someone much better that treats you like a Queen. - a good song to listen to after a bad break up.
    So decided to put both videos on here... enjoy :)
    Beyonce chose an LBD and her trademark statement earrings at the Billboard Music Awards.

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    Wedding Extravaganza

    Lately it seems everyone is in love and tying the knot, and who doesn't love a wedding? Two people declaring their love for each other and committing to spend the rest of their lives together is a beautiful thing. Although sometimes it does feel more often than not it doesn't work out and can leave you feeling slightly cynical...but i do believe in the happily ever after ending and clearly so do all these celebs having lavish weddings and wearing beautiful gowns. With the The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge setting the bar sky high these celebs followed in their footsteps...which dress is your favourite?

     Pregnant Lilly Allen wed Sam Cooper in a beautiful lace Vintage inspired dress by Delphine Manivet despite speculation she would wear Chanel. The blooming bride couldn't stop smiling throughout the day. If there's one celeb i couldn't be happier for it's Lilly. :)

    Abbey Clancy and footballer Peter Crouch tied the knot in leicestershire. Abbey Looked stunning in a white strapless figure hugging Giles Deacon gown. I adore this dress!
    In the second royal wedding of the year Prince Albert II of Monaco married his beautiful bride South African Princess Charlene in a lavish ceremony. Princess Charlene decided on an elegant Armani gown to wed her prince.
    Beaming Kate Moss married her rocker hubby Jamie Hince in St Peters Church in little Faringdon in the Cotswold's. Kate wore a stunning vintage style gown designed by close friend John Galliano.