Wuthering Heights 

This is a Novel that I have wanted to read for a long time. It is a classic written by one of the famous Bronte sisters, which I'm sure all literature lovers would be familiar with. It is a book that has been built up so much therefore I had high expectations, and honestly it full filled them.

When I first began reading the novel I struggled to get to grips with the old English style of writing, but I persevered and any words I was unsure of I looked up. Also in the back of the book is an index of words translated which is helpful. 

I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in this intensely passionate novel which tells the tale of Heathcliff and his obsessive life consuming love for the beautiful Catherine. This isn't your every day happy ever after love story, it is the most unique emotional tale of love and revenge. 

Wuthering Heights is a true classic and completely lived up to its praises. An emotional deep love story with a twist.   

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