Sunday, October 23, 2011

Products worth blogging about

Regular readers may remember i blogged about my beauty essentials here although I'm still loyal to these products i love trying out new products, so thought i would share with you my latest beauty hero's that i have discovered and fell in love with.

from left:
Tangle teezer: This trusty hair saviour i now can't live without. used in all good salons this gets all pesky knots out of your hair but its clever design doesn't ruin your locks. use when wet or dry.

Kerastase reflection chroma riche: As i write this i am sat here with this luxury masque on. Ive always wanted to try a product from the kerstase range so decided to try one of the masques. The masque i choose is for colour-treated or sensitised hair. you can apply the masque after shampooing leave on for 5-10 mins and wash off. for a special treat for my hair i usually apply the masque and leave on overnight, wash off in the morning and it leaves my hair super soft. i cant praise this product enough i highly recommend it.

Maybeline Great Lash Mascara: Possibly the best mascara i have used, and i will continue to use it. Sometimes you don't have to splurge on high end brands, when the highstreet has quality products. This lengthens lash's with no clumps. exactly what more could you want from a mascara.

Tommy Guns "leave me in" Conditionaire & Styling Creme: I had heard good things about Tommy Guns and found this when scouring an Asos sale, now i couldn't live without it. this handy multi-tasker smells lush, protects hair from heat styling and environmental damage, and leaves hair looking shiny and smooth. The result? Kardashian esque locks. I use mine on wet hair before styling and in between on washes on dry hair to keep it smelling lovely. :)

Kiehls creme de corps: I'm sure all beauty fanatics will be familiar with the cult classic creme de corps. this has been on my wish list for a while and i decided to finnaly make a purchase. I'm a very happy customer! with very smooth skin! although this comes with a pretty high price tag for body moisturiser if sexy smooth skin is what you're after this is worth it. especially with the cold weather causing dry skin the rich texture of this creme will banish any dry areas  - if you splurge on one thing this winter make it this.

Ped egg: There has been alot of hype around this popular beauty gadget, which has sold four million in just two years. The clever foot file did what it promised and gave me "baby soft" feet. Alot of people can neglect their feet, but its important to look after your feet as much as you do the rest of your body. If you cant afford to indulge in pedicures regular use of the ped egg will keep your feet smooth. it is the most effective and easy to use foot file i have used.

Dermaloigca special cleansing gel: Dermalogica products overall are great. I trained as a beauty therapist using these products and have loved them ever since. The idea is to keep things simple the packaging is not fancy because it is all about the quality of the product. They don't use harsh ingredients, and with regular use your skin will improve.
I bought this cleanser after a dermalogica facial and it was recommended for my skin type. But the good thing with this cleanser is it is for all skin types. It removes all impurities leaving my skin feeling clean and fresh.

Clarins Daily Energizer Lotion SPF15: I'm not using the rest of the dermalogica products purely because I'm a beauty product junkie! When new products come out such as the Clarins young skin range i just cant help myself. the new range is designed for teenage to late twenties skin and aims to help the problems young skin faces and also to fight the signs of ageing.
I have to be honest when i first started using this lotion i loved it. it was a great base for my make up moisturised my skin and had a lovely light texture, but now with the weather getting cold I'm finding dry patches and the lotion doesn't seem to be a good enough moisturiser for my skin in the cold weather.
I'm not giving this product a total thumbs down as while it may not moisturise my skin well enough it might be perfect for another persons skin and i loved it before the weather changed!
Also want to add the importance of SPF i wouldn't buy a moisturiser without it.

Diorskin Forever extreme wear flawless makeup SPF25: Ive been using this foundation for about 2 years now and i will continue to use it. i love it! With makeup i don't mind splurging on quality foundation. This feels lovely to apply and although it is full coverage it doesn't feel like you are wearing alot of makeup. It leaves skin looking flawless and is extremely long wearing.

Simple eye makeup remover: Not too much to write about this product its in the brand name really. i was using makeup wipes to remove my eye makeup and they were making my eyes really sore. Now i have discovered this i will never use wipes to remove my eye makeup again. Simple eye makeup remover removes all traces of eye makeup but is gentle and doesnt irritate my eyes. - Perfect!

Boots Organic Rosewater TonerAhhh this toner feels so refreshing. Toner is my favourite part of my skin routine and i love this one. it gently removes any last traces of dirt while soothing and leaves skin feeling clean refreshed and supple. i love organic natural products and this one really works when i run out i really noticed the difference, so this toner is now a permanent fixture in my skin routine.

Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream skin protectant: Also a cult classic which i blogged about in my beauty essentials. This is the product that i have used the longest and will keep on using. its a must have multi tasker for everyone. The cream restores, calms and helps relieve chapped, cracked, dry skin. Soothes roughness, redness and minor skin irritations. I use daily on my lips and lately have been using it in the evening on any dry patches i have on my face. i couldn't live without it!

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