Sunday, March 23, 2014

L'Wren Scott

It is following tragic circumstances that I write this post, this is dedicated to the life and work of talented fashion designer L'Wren Scott who recently took her own life. 
L'Wren Scott began her career in fashion as a model and quickly became a successful stylist and costume designer for film, she then made the brave transition to fashion designer launching her first collection The little black dress in 2006. 
Her designs were highly sought after and she had many celebrity fans including Nicole Kidman Sarah Jessica-Parker and Amy Adams. She carved out a niche known for a her sexy and strong feminine pieces, each show delivering exceptional creations cementing her reputable status in the Fashion industry. 
"L'Wren Scott had a very clear notion of style which informed everything she did. It's not easy making the transition from stylist to designer, but every year L'Wren's recognition as a designer and creator of a brand was increasing" said Vogue editor Alexander Shulman. 
Below are some of L'Wren's beautiful designs.

L'Wren Scott will be greatly missed by many may she rest in peace. 


  1. Really sad that she took her own life.. so talented!
    I use Fireworks and Lightroom from Adobe to create the collages and also to make sure the pictures have the right color balance.
    Beijos, Ana


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