Monday, May 6, 2013

Vogue Festival - Michael Kors

I went to the Vogue Festival last Saturday accompanied by my beautiful Mum. We attended the Michael Kors and Yasmin Le Bon American Dream talk. You were allowed to browse round the festival stands for an hour before the talk, which unfortunately wasn't enough time. I was excited for the Vogue braid bar so went straight to the queue and decided on a boho braid (pictured above) while my Mum got a cute wrap around braid. If only i knew how to style my hair like that myself! I was pleased to experience the Vogue braid bar, however it was then time to see the talk and we didn't get a chance to see any other stands which was quite disappointing.

The hugely talented Michael Kors was joined by model Yasmin Le Bon for an interesting discussion on his rise to success. Kors is charming outgoing and funny, he had the audience laughing including myself as him and Yasmin reminisced over catwalk mishaps and wardrobe malfunctions.
The American designer recalled his earliest fashion memory aged 5 when his Mother was trying on her wedding dress and he exclaimed "what are all those bows" she decided he might be onto something and got them removed resulting in a beautiful transformation of the dress. Confirming his eye for fashion at such a young age.

Kors dropped out of college and first began selling his clothes in Bergdorf Goodman after the buyers loved his designs. This was where it all began his 1st catwalk show was in the fall of 84, he then went onto work at French fashion house Celine going from designer to creative director. After turning the brand around he left in 2003 to concentrate on his growing fashion empire.

Best known for his sports-luxe aesthetic he seems to understand women's bodies well. He has "never thought of models as mannequins" and swears by the motto the women should wear the dress not the dress wear the women. It is all about being confident in your own skin and what you are wearing.
He has no regrets "you have to make mistakes, try things to get to the next step. Fashion is living breathing and moving", curiosity is key as the designer gets inspiration from everywhere "sometimes even something bad can influence you". Such as seeing people wearing sweatsuits on planes made him think "surely there is a more stylish way to be comfy!" which the audience found hilarious.

Michael continued to openly chat away, it was a wonderfully inspiring insight into the man behind the Fashion house, he also gave some great advice if fashion is where your heart is get a job in retail. It is where it all begins therefore it is great to start from the beginning as you get a greater understanding.


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