Monday, June 6, 2011

Steps to a bikini-ready body

It's that time of year again were we all worry about getting into our bikini's! Over the winter we might neglect our bodies a bit as we keep them covered up then before we know it its summer! I'm looking forward to booking a holiday this year as i didn't go away last year so i can't wait to be lying on a beach in the sunshine!
So weather your planning on wearing a bikini or a one piece here's some steps to get you feeling prepared and confident to hit the beach or the pool!

1. Everyday before i shower i make sure i use a body brush like this one from the body shop to gently exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells and help stimulate blood circulation. I defo notice the difference if i forget to use it.

2. Twice a week i use a body scrub this Soap & Glory one is brilliant and leaves skin silky smooth (even banishes those pesky bumps from the backs of your arms!)and smelling fresh.
3. I dee-fuzz with a shaver like Gillette Venus Divine and use Gillette satin care sensitive shaving gel I'm not brave enough to go through the pain of waxing although I'm trying to pluck up the courage! in the mean time this shaver keeps my pins smooth and hair free!

4. I moisturise head to toe daily and at the moment I'm loving Nivea firming body lotion Q10 it smells gorgeous and leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft and radiant.

5. Lastly I always have Bio-Oil on my dressing table and about once a week let it soak into my legs, it leaves them looking shiny and over time reduces the appearance of any marks or scars you have. It's also great if you're having a relaxing bath to pop a few drops into the water it will leave your skin feeling super soft.

6.  Last but by no means least is the all important SPF this is probably the best beauty product you will find its simple effective and will keep skin looking young. The one I'll be using this summer is Nivea Sun protect and bronze  It's so important to protect your skin even if you do tan and don't burn as the suns UV rays are harmful and in the long run will damage your skin if you don't protect it. This isn't even a question for me as i have fair skin and don't really tan so i slather minimum factor 20 on and usually a 30 on my face. I also always use a face moisturiser with SPF in it.

Happy holidays! :)

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